Hi-Lo Transelectro 8

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Hi-Lo Transelectro 8

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ReferenciaHi-Lo Transelectro 8

Technical feature
Number of input channels 6 pcs
Number of output channels 6 pcs
Supply voltage 9-16,5 V
Current consumption on state (at 14.4V power supply) <200mA
Current consumption in the off state ≤1mA
Output rated voltage 3.5V
Input impedance 1 kOhm
Output impedance 22 kOhm
Frequency range 5-50000 Hz
Channel separation ≥85dB
Signal-to-noise ratio ≥80dB
the coefficient of nonlinear distortion ≤0,03 %
Output current of the REM OUT signal 250 mA
Physical feature
Length 110 mm
Height 50 mm
Width 85 mm
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